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All images are done in India ink with the stopper from an ink bottle.

Prices and sizes

1 Drawing 8" x 11.5" = $150 US plus shipping
2 or more Drawings of the same pet = $75 US each plus shipping
Combination portraits of pets are a higher price depending on the numbers involved.

It's worth noting that since these original drawings are in lightfast permanent ink and are done in black and white using an economy of line, they can easily be scanned, silkscreened or embroidered for use on personalized stationery, notecards or even your own tee shirts.


Britt Zaist's fluid and expressive line can capture the essence of your own pet. Your dog's expression - his (her) tilt of the head - your cat's stretch - sleeping position; these can all be caught in her black ink portraits.

For many years, Britt has drawn the street dogs of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - all breeds and mixes. She has done portraits of Great Danes, Dachshunds, and Chihuahuas, to name a few. From her travels in South Africa she returned with magnificent images of hippos, warthogs, and parrots. She has been around dogs and cats all her life; she was a kennel girl for more than 20 Boxers ("that's a lot of poo," she says).

To commission your pet's portrait, you should email at least 5 photos. Please note any unique characteristics of your pet that make it more your individual pet, such as different physical markings, a special collar or toy or activity. Britt will make 3 to 5 original drawings for your approval by email. If you're not happy with the results for any reason, you have no further obligation. You may select one or more of the drawings. Please contact her for payment methods.  On receipt of payment, the drawings will be shipped flat, unmatted and unframed, via UPS or a similar carrier.


A TRIBUTE TO RUBI who started it all… 


A funny looking little dog –lost - abandoned here on the streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - wandered into our art gallery, Galeria Izamal- on my watch.  She joined our family.  I decided to draw her.  A client came in the gallery and saw the drawing and said no dog could look like a Dachshund and a Vizsla. I brought the photo (and Rubi) down the next day to prove an animal could!  Since then I´ve been asked to draw all sorts of animals.  She started my career as a pet portrait artist.  She was a lovely little dog.